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The wide range of Membrane Filter Holder is available in 142 mm and 293 mm diameter. All the parts are constructed by s.s. 316 quality. There is a center and non-sticky s.s. perforated sieve, silicon 0' ring detachable s.s. stand with inlet outlet connection in our range of products. Bubble test arrangement is also available at reasonable prices.

The membrane holders in combination with membrane filter are used for sterile filteration of pharmaceutical and biological solution. On a production scale either a 293 mm or a 142 mm diameter holder is used The selection of the liquid to be filtered in a day Both the 293 mm and 142 mm diameter holders are made of S.S. 316L and are supplied with removable legs The filter support screen is offered in two type

  • Membrane Fileter Holder available in 142 mm & 293 mm size
  • These filter holders are GMP Complying.
  • The Holders are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Provided with Bubble Test arrangement.
  • Filter support screen with Teflon /Silicon ‘O’ring.
  • Detachable Stand.

Membrane Filter Holder 293 – 142 mm size


Materials :BodySupport screen O-rings, gaskets 304 or 316 stainless steel304 or 316 stainless steelPTFE Teflon, silicone rubber

Connectors:Standard inlet, Standard outletSanitary (inlet/outlet)

6.3mm (1/4") hose bar. b 6.3mm (1/4") hose bar 1" Triclover end.


A. Assemble the Membrane Holder :

1. Attach legs to outlet bottom plate

2. Inlet/outlet assembly:

a. put gasket with tc adaptor on inlet plate.

b. check inlet adapter on top of gasket.

c. tighten opposite adaptor with Tri-Clamp.

3. Filter support system:

a. Center the underdrain support on the outlet plate.

b. Place gasket outside the underdrain support on the

outlet plate.

c. Place the support screen on top of the gasket and drain shive support.

d. Center the membrane filter on top of the support screen.

e. Align a prefilter on top of the membrane.

f. An optional back pressure support screen can be used on top of

membrane filter or prefilter.

4. Place the sealing O-ring in the O ring grove in the inlet plate.

5. put inlet upper plate onto filter, match holes over lower plate.

6. tighten wing-type clamps ,it is finger tighten.

7. Tighten clamps , working around the p

B Cleaning and Maintenance :

1. Disassemble the Membrane Holder:

Inspect screens for any damage and check O-rings and gaskets for

cracking and loss of elasticity.

Carefully remove O-rings from O ring grove.

2. Clean all components with a clean, non-abrasive soap soluation

In –Out let Sanitary connections screens

Interior surfaces of the filter holders

O ring Grove .

3. Rinse with hot water & finally rinse with distilled or deionized water.

Clean with a dust free non-abrasive cloth

4 Make it dry for sometime before the next use.

C Sterilization of Membrane Holder :

1. Make Assembly of a dry filter holder with membrane

2. Attach tubing and clamps to holders. Tubing should be FDA approved ,clean,autoclavable.

3. Sealing clamps should be tighten by hand .

4. Wrap both inlet and outlet hoses with steam permeable aluminum foils..

5 Be sure the outlet vent valve is open

6. Pass the steam for Autoclave the holder at 121C for the predetermine shold be

taken for overheating in autoclaving

7. slowly cooled down the holder to room temperature, tighten clamps to prevent leakage.

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