Starch Paste Kettle

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Paste preparation kettle is a semi-hemispherical jacketed bowl having two shaft extensions exactly opposite, which are fixed in Plummer block bearings. This jacketed bowl has connections for steam inlet / drain and also for steam pressure. When electric heating is to be used this jacket is filled with oil and that is heated by electric heater dipped inside the jacket.

Depending upon the user requirement, paste preparation kettle has anchor or stirrer for stirring.

On the shaft extension of the kettle, there is a worm and worm wheel which is turned for rotation of the paste kettle when someone wants to empty the kettle.

Water is put inside the paste kettle bowl for heating and after it gets heated, starch or other binders are added to make a binder or paste. This paste is to be then used for wet granulation process in equipments like High shear mixers (RMG) or in Fluid bed granulators.

  • Entire construction in Stainless steel
  • Semi hemispherical bowl ensure that entire bowl can be emptied by rotating the worm wheel.
  • Simplified construction enables ease of operation.
  • Steam or electric heating is possible depending upon the user requirements.
  • When supplied with stirrer, there is a top entry drive without using any "V" belt. Stirrer can also be removed for cleaning. Temperature indication is possible at additional cost.
  • When used with stirrer / anchor the movement of anchor is forward and reverse using cyclic timer. Stirrer can be supplied at additional cost.

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