Twin Shaft Disperser Mixer




Twin Shaft Disperser used for manufacturing of materials of high viscosity such as sealants, polyester putties, coatings etc. The machine consists of a centrally located shaft fitted with a butterfly blade that moves and mixes the mass around the vessels. A second variable speed disperser shaft with a cowless impeller blade operates in short intervals. The mixers are also designed to operate under vacuum, heating arrangement for vessels is also provided.



High Speed Disperser


High Speed Disperser

we manufacture and export are made available in the capacity range of 20 liter batch size to 2000 liter. These equipment are primarily used for premixing enamels before passing through sand mills, dispersion of water based emulsions and finish paint blending. Dispersers supplied by us can efficiently premix, and grind, and deliver a homogenized mixture. Effects of the mixing and equalizing is optimum due to little absorption and reservation of air during stirring and dispersing of the material. If stirred and dispersed at medium or fast speed, the materials fed into the machine will be dissolved quickly and their granules will become smaller. Owing to their optimum performance, these processing equipment find widespread application in industries engaged in manufacturing products such as paints, emulsion, printing inks, chemicals and many more. Furthermore, our high speed dispersers are also employed in the processing of primer, putty and distemper.

Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturer, India

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